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Marivic Stone lives in the quite town of Darby with her grandfather (Gumps). Marivic and Gumps live alone, as her grandmother and mother both died in tragic accidents. One morning Marivic wakes up from a terrible dream, one in which she was running on a burning road. When she wakes up she realizes that her feet are covered in scrapes and bruises; the time she’s been waiting for has come, she’s going ACES. It’s time for her to join her best friend, Saren Silver, at Barton to be “winnowed”. Saren is terrified to undergo this process, as her brother Lex died the year before during the winnowing. In this action-packed, Sci-Fi adventure Marivic will discover the true secrets that lie behind the winnowing, buried deep within Barton’s history.

The Winnowing by Vikki Vansicle won the 2018 Red Maple Award.

Refugee chronicles the lives of three characters in three different time periods trying to find their way to safety…

Josef is a young, Jewish boy living in Nazi Germany. His journey will take him across the ocean to find safety with his family. Along the way to safety Josef will undergo many challenges, one of which will be the ritual of bar mitzvah – becoming a “man” and leaving behind the naivety of childhood.

Isabel is living in Cuba under Fidel Castro. Life is tough, as the Soviet Union has left Cuba, also leaving many of its people starving. Isabel and her family will begin the perilous journey to freedom “al norte” hoping to reach the shores of their new land with “dry feet”.

Mahmoud is living in Aleppo, Syria. A city that once shone as the “jewel” of Syria remains now as rubble and dust in the wake of the civil war. Mahmoud and his family will attempt to make the incredible journey leaving Syria, but at what cost?

Three incredible stories that highlight the journey of all refugees – and a hope for tomorrow.

A book I highly recommend, as it makes you pause and reflect on the climate of today’s society towards those seeking asylum.