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If you are looking to order a copy of the book we helped create, you can order here on amazon.

Thank you to all of the families that helped support us! This is a project we were truly excited about.

Recently, we’ve been listening to the podcast The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel as part of our literacy focus on inferring and making predictions. Students have really been loving this Sci-Fi-Action-Mystery!

Here are some other podcasts that your curious kids might enjoy! Podcasts are a great way to spend time together.

Science-themed podcasts:

Podcast “Stories”

This week we’ve been working on some tough problem solving in our Measurement unit. It’s been awesome to see how the students attack problems with more confidence, share their ideas with one another (communicating using mathematics language) and use estimation to decide if their solution is reasonable. We’ve seen a lot of growth since September, and I just wanted to share the problem we attacked together. Ask your child to explain how their group attacked the problem!

First, we watched this video.

We decided as a group that we wanted to solve the following problem: How many sticky note will it take to cover the bulletin board?

Students then identified what kind of information they might need to solve the problem. They threw out ideas such as:

  • how many sticky notes it takes to cover one row of the bulletin board
  • how many stick notes fit down the side of the bulletin board
  • length and width of bulletin board
  • length and width of the sticky note

Students were given the dimensions of the bulletin board, and dimensions of the post it notes.


This was the final solution:

We also talked about sources of error and why our solutions might be a little off. We have a test on Thursday! Reviews were sent home last week.

It will cover the following concepts:

  • elapsed time
  • linear measurement and conversions (converting mm to cm, cm to m, m to km, and vice versa)
  • perimeter and area of rectangles (using a formula for the area of rectangles A= lxw and formula for perimeter P= (l+w) x2)

Students are also encouraged to play Prodigy as I have assigned a variety of review questions to help them practice their skills.

This week we started a project that’s about researching on early settlers. Some of these settlers are the Norse people and the Early Settlers of New France, we have 1 week to finish this independent project. We also started a new unit in math that is about measurement, so on area and perimeter. We learned how to get area and perimeter just using the length and the width of a normal shape such as the square or a rectangle. The vision boards we started to last week are starting to look fabulous because we are finishing them up. We also shared our advertisements on the cereal boxes we made in health.

We were making up songs or finding songs to sing or play for music. Also we are learning about the pitch and dynamics and the stuff like that, Madame Rodgers gave us sheet to test how much we know about music. That is mostly what we did this week. Some classes in SWO are doing Write To Give. For Write To Give we are making a book to raise money to make schools in country’s who can’t support learning. The book we are making is based on are topic of Kindness. The 5,6,7 and 8 grades recently read a book called Wonder which is about a boy who can’t fit into school and he has to go through that stage with kindness and with other family and friends.

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We have learned many things this week such as the poem about “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” by Tupac Shakur. We saw a video about Derrick Rose, a basketball player in the NBA. He was born in a very rough environment and his dream about becoming a professional basketball player was difficult. The poem was a lesson to tell us people should never give up when things are tough, and keep on driving through “the concrete” or any other hard problem. The video we watched was actually a Powerade ad so it gave us messages without telling us. These messages are called implied messages. We watched a TED Talk on a girl named Piper. Piper has a learning disability called dyslexia. She also reminded us about “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” because she overcame her challenges.
In Language we also have been doing Vision Boards. Vision boards are posters that have our new year resolutions on them and whenever we feel a little down we are supposed to look and them and they are suppose to cheer us up a little bit and encourage you to keep going. On Friday January 19th it was National Popcorn Day so our teacher decided that we could eat popcorn and play some board games for the last period of the day (ex. Bananagrams, 5 Second Rule, Scrabble). We also play board games with our friends and it is super fun. This was a way for us to connect at the end of a busy week. Connect is one of the 5 Ways to Mental Well-Being (more on that later). We also do this because we need to cool down our brain machines. That is about all that we have done this week.

Our class will be participating in Write to Give this year. Please watch the following video to learn a little about the project! We are very excited.


More information to come!

Also, if you’d like more information about World Teacher Aid, click here.

Before the break, we did some learning about the 7 Grandfather Teachings, Wampum Belts and Treaties, and Land Acknowledgements. Students have selected a topic, and with a partner are working on a display to teach other students in our school about their topic.

Next week we are going to begin reading the book Home of the Brave by: Katherine Applegate. This book is a fictional piece of writing that chronicles the journey of refugees from Sudan to North America.

For a more detailed synopsis please click here.

This book talks about the struggles and triumphs of newcomers to North America. Some of the content can be a little heavy, and we will be discussing all of the struggles that newcomers face in class. Please reach out if you have any questions about the content of the story. I encourage you to talk to your child at home about our learning surrounding this book. It is a powerful story, one that I hope stays with them for many years to come.

– Ms. Nicolaides



Your child’s math will rapidly decrease every day math is not practiced. Follow some of these tips to help your child up to date in math:


  1. Spend 10-15 minutes a day doing a number talk with your child. Instructions to do number talk are in other blog updates.
  2. Print of math sheets for websites such as ( )
  3. Practice math flash cards
  4. Remember not to give up


Blog team

Weekly review #2


Welcome to the weekly review:



In math we started of the week with our problem of the week a activity posted by the university of Waterloo all students have to show the stages that they solved the problem. If you are a educator our want to help your kid with math check out the university of Waterloo’s website. We have just completed our unit test on patterning and algebra. It challenged students to use tables, manipulatives and algebra to solve questions.




We have done plays and presented them in front of a few classes the plays were:

1.Three little Elephants

  1. Rabbits for sale
  2. And a few more



In language we are working on dear santa Letters students write a letter from a villain’s point of view and justify his or her actions. Some students choose to be Julian from Wonder, The Big Bad Wolf, Mother Gothel and a few others.



We have continued with our mindful mandala project and a few groups are on their 3rd or 4th picture. Some of the pictures are:

  1. Snowman
  2. Reindeer
  3. Ornaments
  4. Christmas Tree
  5. And a few others


Social Studies

In Social Studies we are working on projects about different Indigenous topics like the 7 grandfather teachings and Wampum belts.